Custom Tack

Pullin Collar


 Rough out pullin collar. Brass hardware. Starting at $220 

Riding Britchen


 Rolled butt strap. Lined with Premium Horween Latigo.
2” wide. All straps 3/4” harness. Only one strap to attach to the front saddle rigging. All straps have no tails and are adjusted with roller buckles. Conway’s used where it attaches to the saddle. Price depends on length of butt strap. Stainless or solid brass hardware.  

42", 46", 52" Starting at $220

Nose Band


 3/4” drop noseband. Adjusts from 30-38”
Solid brass or stainless hardware.  Starting at $50 

Single Ear Headstall


 3/4” single ear headstall. Died brown with brown inlaid braid. Brass buckles. Measured on the center holes, 36” with adjustment on either cheek. 10” cheek pieces. Starting at $150. 



 3/4” browband headstall. 10” cheek pieces. 14” browband. Measures 39” from the center holes. Adjustments on both sides. Braiding can be in custom colors and different buckles can be used.  Starting at $175  

Split Ear Headstall


 1 1/2” belt style headstall. Red and black braid. Tandy buckle. Starting at $180. 

Flat Tail Crupper


 Flat tail piece crupper. Attaches to rear rigging dees of your saddle. Solid brass or stainless steel hardware. $85 

Traditional Crupper


 Flat tail piece crupper.
Either stainless steel or solid brass hardware.  $70

Roughout Trippin Collars


Brass or Stainless Hardware

Trippin Collar


Can be stamped with Brass or Stainless Hardware