Pack Saddles

Ring Top Decker


 Ring top decker. Tree and half breed made my Trailhead supply. Has my leather on it. 1” harness leather straps. Butt strap rolled red latigo leather. Breast collar lined with latigo. Butt strap 3” wide. 47” long. Stainless hardware. With bronze rigging rings. 1 1/4” riggin. Comes with Bork mohair cinch. Also has latigo hangers both sides. Also comes with a pigtail.  Stainless or brass hardware.  Call for pricing*

Modified Decker


 Modified decker. Tree and halfbreed made by Trailhead Supply.  Will fit your mule Has my leather on it. Bronze rigging rings. 1 1/4” riggin. 1” straps on britchen and breast collar. Lined with Horween latigo. Rolled britchen. With only one exposed stitch-line. 3” buttstrap 47” long. Stainless or brass hardware.  

Call for pricing*

Sawbuck W/Halfbreed


 Sawbuck with halfbreed. Breast collar lined with harness. Butt strap 3”wide 47” long. Rolled latigo lined. Stainless hardware. Comes with pigtail braided in. 

Call for pricing*